Play Easy Guitar Songs

Right from the beginning people believe that learning to play easy guitar songs will be a super hard thing to do. The fact of the mater is that jaming away on guitar isn't really that hard. If me, an aging 35 year old can pick up the instrument and start strumming some chords after only a handfull of "self taught" lessons, then anyone can.

I think the problem is that most people that want to learn this totally rocking past time set themselves to high of an expectation. From the start you want to learn some easy, peachy kids songs and then from that step you want to progress onto the more tricker songs. Using this method you wont dive straight into the impossible stuff and then crack the shits when you can't learn anything.

Trust me mate, the above scenario is exactly what happened to me. I came home from one of my local pub gigs, watching some band strutting their stuff on stage and thinking to myself, "how totally cool would it be to learn some easy guitar songs"! An amazon guitar and an advanced lesson guide later and I was cracking it big time.

Take a break and check out this amazing guitar video clip below, this should give you some inspiration of the skill level you can achieve with a little practice!